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your body quickly with caffeine containing substances tooth in Vietnam, have braces for the baby to achieve the desired results, parents need to care about oral care for the baby in this period. Follow the rules below to ensure that your treatment is safe and effective. Oral hygiene when braces for baby. Parents should choose the brush with a round head, soft hair. Instruct him to brush his teeth vertically and rotate, not to brush too hard. This will help to clean the teeth very easily but will not hurt the teeth and gums of children. The doctor will advise you on specific treatments, or if the medical conditions are tight, the doctor will advise you in more detail. Therefore, you should not worry too much about how much titanium porcelain crown. During the braces, the child can use from 20 to 45 trays, depending on the level of deviation.

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<strong>Wisdom teeth when?</strong>

Basically, each person has 3 molar teeth growing in the inner corner of the mouth. When you are 6 years old, your first molar starts to grow, the second will grow when you are 12 years old. Finally, the third molar, also called wisdom teeth, ages 17-21. <strong><em><a href=””>vietnam dentist prices</a></em></strong>

<strong>Why is wisdom tooth called?</strong>

As the age of the person is becoming wiser, the third molars that grow at this time are called wisdom teeth.

<strong>Some truths about the wisdom tooth</strong>

Wisdom teeth are very helpful in biting and chewing food, however, if it is distorted, it can cause gum disease.

Most wisdom teeth problems occur between the ages of 15-25, and you probably will never face them.

It is difficult to clean the wisdom tooth because it can grow deep inside. It can cause bad breath, jaw ache and cause gum disease.

Wisdom teeth can be a problem for many people, but for others, it does not affect anything so there is no need to remove it. <strong><em><a href=””>Saigon Vietnam dental implants</a></em></strong>

If you want to remove wisdom teeth, it is better to spit when you are younger (in your 20s) because the jawbone is soft and the dentists will easily remove it. In addition, the recovery process will also be faster.

The removal of wisdom teeth almost does not affect your health but there may be some risks associated with surgery. You will have less problems with wisdom teeth when you are over age 30. There are, however, many exceptions.