the above two licenses for customers to teeth dental implant

the above two licenses for customers to teeth dental implant, titanium porcelain teeth are very safe in all cases that need to restore dental defects, by:Titan porcelain toothpaste, though not as durable as all porcelain teeth, but with a reasonable cost, the survival time of 5-10 years still satisfies the aesthetic requirements and durability. In particular, there are cases that can last longer, up to 15 years.Characteristics of titanium are low thermal conductivity, physical neutrality, so when put into the teeth, will not be sensitive, uncomfortable by hot or cold food, ensure the chewing function of the mouth muscles currently normal.Titanium porcelain teeth are also very suitable for those who are allergic to metals, those with large marrow chambers cannot use full porcelain teeth to cover teeth.

thereby facilitating the array of food sticking along the neck, teeth. And the bacteria will build up in those food patches, then release toxins that damage the teeth and the tissue around the teeth is the gums, and it will even make us swollen and uncomfortable and cause disease. gingivitis. And gradually, if the gum disease is not treated thoroughly, the disease will become more and more dental implants

severe, and move to the stage called periodontitis.And the disease will progress very quickly, if in some cases we have systemic diseases, such as metabolic disorders, diabetes and some other infections, and can be seen in women. pregnant From these causes, it can be concluded that we are suffering from gingivitis, or worse, periodontitis.Through research, people found that tooth disease dentist prices

was strongly related to ENT.In terms of anatomy, we will see that in the sinus system, the jaw function is closely related to the upper jaw and the upper jaw. Maxillary teeth 3, 4, and 5 have their feet deep to the underside of the jaw sinuses. In some cases, the lower jaw of the jaw is destroyed by the root and the root is located deep in the sinuses. The pathology of inflammation of trồng răng implant

the teeth such as inflammation of the roots, inflammation of the stalks, root canal, root canal … or when intervention of the upper jaw pathology causes teeth to fall into the sinuses causing sinus jaw sinus, rupture of the lower sinuses jaw due to extractions … Just like other infections, jaw sinusitis caused by teeth made a fever of 39-40oC, pain in the head and face area. Characteristics of cấy ghép implant

jaw sinusitis due to teeth are also quite specific with manifestations of a completely localized nasal cavity. Stuffy nose congestion on one side, a yellowish nasal discharge on one side sometimes mixed with blood and inflammation of the nasal cavity smell very rotten but only the patient can smell it. cắm implant