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both deep and deep wounds inside. The gel works the same teeth implant. to emergency department asked the rescue doctors human.After the family member sent victim T. to the emergency department, the pressure was put on him, booing the hospital. At this time, the doctor has re-examined and identified the victim was dead, the body is purple. It is true that the doctors have done their best to save the victim but the victim has died before.In order to have objective conclusion, we reported to the provincial police to conduct forensic examination of the cause of the dead. The cost of an implant tooth in Vietnam

Methods cure bad breath simply you can apply at home

– Coriander: Take a handful of coriander leaves in sharp color with plenty of water, add a little salt to the water and suck throat. Spit a few minutes in the mouth and then spit. Doing this many times a day, 5-6 days will be better. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

– Aromatic plants: Take 40 gr. Of scent with 200 ml of water and concentrate to get water to rinse and rinse mouth. Gargle this water often in the morning to get up and sleep before bed. When gargling mouth should be in mouth 1-2 minutes before spit out. Rinse mouth continuously for several days to breath better.

Honey and Cinnamon: To keep your breath sweet all day, add 1 teaspoon of honey and cinnamon to warm water and use this mixture to rinse your mouth.

– Cinnamon flower: To cure bad breath, take three cinnamon, a bottle of rice wine, a teaspoon of salt. Bring salt water to wash cinnamon, remove it to dry, dry naturally, cinnamon to rice wine, cover the lid, after 30 days to gradually use.Dental tourim in Vietnam Saigon

– Cucumber: Wash, peel, boil water 3 times a day.

– Watermelon: Watermelon juice.

– Lemon peel: lemon peel washed, chewing thoroughly, several times a day.

– Tangerine : tangerine shell 30 g washed, julienne, cook the daily drinking water.

– Dry fruits: Take 2-3 dry cloths, remove the peel, seeds, get the elbow before bed, the next morning to spit, take continuous 10-15 days.

The above methods can cure bad breath. But most important is the sense of well-being. Clean your mouth thoroughly after eating with a mouthwash and dental floss. Avoid plaque and leftovers that exist in the mouth associated with bacteria, creating acid that destroys tooth enamel causing cavities and other diseases.The best dental clinic in HCMC  

Note: the efficacy of the treatment can vary depending on each patient’s condition.