with the Berne Convention, most States party to the tooth sensitivity Vietnam

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with the Berne Convention, most States party to the tooth sensitivity Vietnam, I spend more time in history than in other subjects. My mother wondered by a capital block A like me why collect so many history books so? I’ve been waiting to hear her tell history – that feeling I’ve never forgotten. There is no sense of “edge” as before, I joined the fast history. Previously, whenever I came to the history class, I used to hang out with other subjects, so now I feel love for history. I “wet” each sentence, every word of her. I was fascinated by the way she conveyed, told the story. At that time, there were not many modern facilities to study, nor did the Internet access as it is now, she often “work” manually. That is, she searched the history books, collected historical stories associated with each event to put on the lecture.

Causes and solutions for tooth sensitivity

Bad oral care. What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

Brushing with high abrasive toothpaste or improper brushing or brushing more than three times a day can cause tooth loss. There are many people who brush their teeth vigorously in the horizontal direction can clean the plaque on the teeth so in practice if this operation repeated several times can cause the fragile enamel on the outside worn out and here It is the direct cause of dentin exposure to prolonged stubbornness.

Structural damage to teeth

Teeth is made of three layers: enamel is the outer layer of thin thickness depending on the surface of the teeth and has a function of protecting the inner dentin and pulp carries the internal blood vessels and nerves in the tooth structure.Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

Tooth is the inner layer of the tooth, usually covered and protected by enamel. Common lesions and tooth erosions can make the enamel thin, especially the neck, at the gingival margin. Dental crowns contain a large number of small tubes that go from the outside of the tooth to the nerve at the center of the tooth. When ivory is exposed, these tubes can be irritated by temperature changes or certain foods. This is the nature that explains why the tooth is stubborn if there is no radical treatment.

Has fallen gums

Tooth decay over time exposes the dentin layer at the outer surface under the root of the tooth. Gingivitis can be caused by age when tooth decay or by improper brushing, especially when untreated gingivitis can lead to gum recession and root canal exposures. When the gums are submerged, the roots are exposed to the surface and due to direct contact with the environment and the acid in saliva and in the metabolized food causes the tooth to wear out, tooth enamel is thinly grinding and cause The stimulus for the inner nervous system causes it to cause sensitivity to the teeth. Dental tourim in Vietnam

To brush too hard

Do you think it is better to brush your teeth? Think again. Brushing too hard (or using a hard brush) can hurt the root cause of the injury.

It also causes tooth enamel to wear out, revealing dentin layer. Dentures in dentin are tiny tubes that allow hot, cold and sweet foods to enter the pulp.


To limit your appetite to being able to eat your favorite foods without worrying about your teeth, you need to keep good oral hygiene to prevent periodontal disease that can lead to gum loss, not to brush your teeth. Too strong or too much for the dentist, using a soft brush.

You should use toothpaste for sensitive teeth and dental fluoride products, help firmen teeth enamel; avoid grinding and clenching of teeth during the day, as well as consult a dentist for nighttime dental devices. For food, be careful when eating acidic objects that can wipe enamel like fruit juices, wine, vinegar and soft drinks.Saigon Vietnam dental implants