been displaced that also helped her face teeth in Vietnam

been displaced that also helped her face teeth in Vietnam, anesthetic makes the sensation go away, but when the medicine is gone, the person will feel a little aching in the upper jaw and uncomfortable. The first time is screwed. Therefore, before implementing this method of screw braces like this, you need to pay attention and choose for yourself a reputable dental location with a team of experienced and professional doctors to practice. show. Do not worry too much about such screwing that is detrimental to you during the life process as well as unpleasant pain, it only happens within a certain period of time and the effect of screwing is really necessary to have a beautiful tooth. The remaining teeth move back to the desired position of the operator.

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Is loss of teeth dangerous?

Long-term loss of teeth if not restored will lead to bone buckth vietnam dentist prices

Bite and flap defects: Loss of teeth not only reduces the chewing force, affects normal chewing ability, but also causes the displacement of the remaining teeth, bite disorder. The teeth are a unified body that supports, balances each other, distributes evenly the chewing force. When a tooth is lost, the opposite tooth loses its support, gradually rising or falling to the missing tooth. This inadvertently damages the natural bite of the jaw, impedes the chewing action, causes temporomandibular joint pain (headache, neck fatigue, fatigue)

When the chewing force is not evenly distributed, the teeth will move freely, squeezing the space where the tooth is located, causing serious damage to your teeth.

Denture: After the loss of teeth, the bone around the tooth decay begins to disappear, due to the body’s natural defecation. The jaw has the function of lifting the face, chin and lips. Therefore, the process of bone removal will significantly affect the aesthetics of teeth, over time, the dissipation of the jaw bone is not overcome soon will cause wrinkles to appear more quickly, causing the phenomenon of malaise. . Spinal decompression also reduces the ability to lift the jaw, causing the jaw to become loose, reducing the chewing force. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Headache due to loss of teeth: When the tooth loss is no longer supported, the adjacent teeth will tilt randomly, the chewing force on the adjacent adjacent to abnormalities affect the spirit. The connection between two jaw bone causes headaches, jaw pain, … is a common symptom of temporal jaw.

Early Aging: The jaw supports the entire facial structure. When the two cheeks are lost, the skin is sagging, the skin around the mouth appears wrinkled, making your face look older by age.

Incorrect pronunciation: This condition is more noticeable when loss of incisors due to loss of or loss of tooth-lip-tongue correlation causes the patient to sound lumbar.


Implant: a form of fixed dentures, restoration of teeth with the shape of real teeth, crowns and crowns with implant. This is considered the best method of growing dentures today, the teeth have long lasting durability, exist permanently with the body, overcome the disadvantages of making dental bridge. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

Fix the most effective tooth loss by implanting the implant say that restorative dentistry requires high levels of skilled physicians, especially successful treatment of many dental surgeries. Be sure to thoroughly investigate the information as well as prepare the dental knowledge well before deciding the form of planting your teeth

Fix the perfect tooth

Many doctors have a certificate of practice, graduated in the field of dentures in the country and abroad and a team of strong assistants are well trained, specialized good, help restore beautiful aesthetic teeth, Ensure reproduction of normal chewing ability. cấy răng implant